NBA Finals: We’ve Got Your ‘Cuse Connection.

Add former assistant Troy Weaver to the list of people Jim Boeheim has sent to the NBA.  (Yahoo! Sports)

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m pretty much a one team guy when it comes to sports.  I’m a fan of the Syracuse Orange.  Period.  That extends to all levels of sport.  I don’t really have a favorite NFL or NBA team.  I root for whomever is employing a Syracuse alum; the Knicks, the Suns, the T-Wolves, the Colts, etc.  So, despite the fact that three of the top ten basketball players on planet Earth are taking the court in the NBA Finals, it’s sort of hard to find a rooting interest beyond for or against LeBron James.

Until I found this.

Some (many) of you might already know this, but former Syracuse assistant coach Troy Weaver is the assistant General Manager for the Oklahoma City Thunder.  It’s easy to see Weaver as a talent evaluator.  This is the guy who got in early with one Carmelo K. Anthony when the kid was an underrated prospect from Maryland.

Since leaving the Salt City behind, Weaver has carved out a nice little NBA career for himself.  He was a scout with the Utah Jazz before being promoted to Director of Player Personnel.  He’s been in OKC as the assistant GM since 2008.  Weaver is also one of the top choices to replace ousted GM Otis Hill in Orlando.  Not bad for a guy with an associate’s degree from Prince George’s Community College.

So, there you have it, your Orange reason to tune in to what’s left of the remaining NBA season.  You know, if watching Kevin Durant go from great to GOAT isn’t enough.


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