Boobs Too Big? Call Gloria Allred.

Gloria Allred and her newest client. At least she’s an updgrade from Bobby Davis.

Normally I don’t indulge in this sort of nonsense.  But given the depths to which the whole Bernie Fine fiasco has reached, anything involving Gloria Allred is both completely ludicrous and at least tangentially Syracuse related.

For those of you that have been living under a rock for the past six to eight months, Gloria Allred is the “attorney” who represented Bobby Davis and Mike Lang in their ill-fated civil suit against Jim Boeheim and Syracuse University.  I use the term “attorney” loosely because, although Allred might have a JD from some third-rate correspondence course, she’s clearly much more interested in fishing for settlements than seeking justice for people who have been truly wronged.

Yes, I just libeled Gloria Allred.  I’ll see her in court, I’m sure.Anyhow, Allred’s latest case involves a young woman who was allegedly fired from her job with a lingerie wholesaler because she was too voluptuous.  Now, I’ll admit that I’ve only been in a lingerie store twice in my life.  Call me a sissy, but I feel like a perv walking into one, even if my wife would look fabulous in three-quarters of their wares.  But the few times I have been, being “too busty” never seemed to be a problem for the staff.  In fact, I’m sure it was one of the job requirements.  The owners of this store were also apparently Orthodox Jews.  Read that again.  The owners of the lingerie wholesaler were Orthodox Jews.  Now, Orthodox Jews certainly have the right to engage in whatever sort of legitimate business they choose, but wholesale bustiers and g-strings?  I think this case jumped the shark before it even got started.

I’m no attorney, but even Gloria Allred should know that wrongful termination suits are almost impossible to win, especially in the state of New York.  Your boss can fire you because he doesn’t like the way you pick your nose.  Allred just heard the words “Jewish” and “Manhattan” and dollar signs danced before her eyes.  I hope that, one of these days, she slips up bad and there’s a judge wise enough to disbar her.


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